You make time for what you want

It’s true. I know we hate to admit it. But think about the last really good fiction novel you read. You stayed up until all hours of the night just to read “one more chapter,” didn’t you? I know you did because I’ve done it, too. Ever been on a Netflix binge? And then it was suddenly okay for the kids to watch a second movie in a row to give you another 90 minutes to find out if Glen was still alive?

How much time today have you spent scrolling through social media feeds only to learn what your old high school acquaintance had for dinner last night, your neighbor’s cat did to the carpet, and the hair stylist you used to go to five years ago had to say about her ex boyfriend? Or why your Aunt Sally who lives three states away that you haven’t seen in years hates it when people use bad grammar.

3 hours. That’s the amount of time the average person spends on social media per day mindlessly scrolling through miles of cats, babies, baby showers for people we haven’t spoken to in 10 years, meals, bathroom selfies, rainbows, the heart shaped crack in the sidewalk, the political rant, the declaration of a Facebook fast, post work out selfies, a desperate plea to buy my wrap, lipstick, join my team, try a sample, try the best thing since sliced bread, and on and on and on. And it does nothing for us but s

We all want and need more time. And money. Well most of us. Some have figured out that more time IS more money. What could you do with 3 extra hours a day? Business owners, what money making activities could you do that would totally transform your product, service, and/or marketing? Moms, what kind of house cleaning, quality time with kids, meal prep, or SLEEP (hallelujah!) could you get? Those of you trying to lose weight or get healthier? What kind of exercise habits could you establish, cooking style would you try, recipes might you research, or eating habits could you try (say sitting down at the table, taking that 20 minutes to eat that you keep hearing is so much better for your body?)

So yeah. Start with where you spend your time. Spend it wisely and you may see your bank account go up.

I’ll be dedicating future posts on this concept. Because conventional thinking tells us we need to do everything ourselves to save a dollar. We live in the age of DIY, after all. But I’m challenging you to value your TIME first. In turn, you might be surprised at how the money falls into place.

Need extra help in this area? A book I highly recommend is The Miracle Morning  or The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers. How you start your day sets you up for how you will end your day. If you are like me, it’s more practical to listen to audiobooks, but do what works best for you.