You don’t have the answer

Neither do I. When we experience success, it’s human nature to give our opinion of what works. If we aren’t careful, we can come off to others as if our way is the only way that works.

You know what I’m talking about. That friend who lost 50lbs last year and now swears by the diet she followed and it’s the only diet anyone else who needs to lose any amount of weight should follow if they ever want to succeed.

Or your Aunt Sally who heard you want to become a nurse “just like her.” Except not. And now you’re receiving unsolicited advice about which programs to take, which schools to apply for, and which career paths to consider.

What happened the last time your child misbehaved at a family gathering? Did everyone agree with how you  handled it? If they didn’t, did they keep their “advice” to themselves?

We all love to be the “expert.” Don’t believe me? Scroll through your social media feed for a few minutes. Read a few blogs, even mine. 😉 Better yet, ask for recommendations on your Facebook profile. In ten minutes flat, you will get at least ten or more responses. There are no shortage of opinions presenting themselves as expertise.

While most of it is well-meaning, not all of it is expert. When we have walked through something, learned the lessons, and got the hole in one, we want to tell others behind us on the same path how to take the short cut. But here’s the thing. Your way is not always the short cut for someone else’s path. We want to believe that our way to success is the only way. But it’s often based on opinion. Our opinion. Why? Because we have different bodies so that paleo diet isn’t going to be the magic bullet for everyone’s dieting answers. Not all of us learn the same way or want the same exact career. Even if it is in the same field of study. Everyone’s children are different. So while some can be spanked with a feather and cry their eyes out, others have a leather behind. I have one child that frowns at the thought of getting scolded and one that has needed a reminder of who’s boss on more than one occasion.

Just let it be. I am most guilty of this in my business. I often want others to grow the same way I did and continue to do. But the thing is we are all different with unique personalities and what works for me won’t always work for them. They bring their own ideas and talents to their businesses and that work just as well, if not better, than my own. So let it go because your way isn’t the only way!