Why you haven’t stopped stress eating

If you missed me live on Facebook, I recap it in this post here. But the two biggest reasons I have learned why stress eating goes on are this:

1. You have not set appropriate boundaries around your comfort foods. Most comfort foods will fall into one of the 6 C’s categories or in some form of them: cake, cookies, candy, cereal, crackers, or chips. Why? Because they are loaded in sugar/carbohydrates, salt and/or fat. All of which are highly addicting. I’ve mentioned why in a previous post here. So get rid of them! All of them! And then set the boundaries.

As in:

  • Eat them only in the presence of others.
  • Eat them only when you are feeling emotional.

You may find yourself surprised by the fact that you don’t really care for the foods wheIMG_2718n you are not emotional anymore.
2. You have not found a good replacement for the emotion that you are trying to soothe with food. I’ve said it before and I will continue: make food about food and emotion about emotion. This could mean you are journaling, exercising regularly, calling a trusted friend for support, obtaining a new hobby to keep your hands busy and yourself focused, and my favorite one, using pure essential oils. There are so many options available, but citrus is generally a great option because it naturally has calming and uplifting effects. Why? Because just like carbohydrates, they act on the “feel good” centers in our brain quickly. However, essential oils come without the guilt, addictive qualities, and last much longer than a quick sugar burst.

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