Why you can’t afford to not ask for help

In my last post, I discussed how many hours a day we waste on mindless activities. For most of us, we can chop off 3 hours a day just by shutting off the internet and/or electronic chatter and limiting it to certain times of day.

This next one is gonna be a little tougher because it goes against conventional thinking. And likely against everything you’ve been taught your entire life.

I’m talking about outsourcing. Ya know, paying someone to clean your house, mow the lawn, set up your website, watch your kids once a week for a date night, take your kids during the day several times a week so you can get some real work done, take your professional photos because you really aren’t good at it, edit your videos, you get the point. I know, I know, most likely you were taught, especially if you are a soloprenuer that in order do save, let alone, make money, you need to do as much for yourself as possible. If you can learn it yourself, the better.

What are you worth? I’m talking about your hourly rate. How about mentally? Do you relax? Can you relax? Now how much do you really pay? How many hours are you paying yourself both physically and mentally do all the things you need to get done? What do you do best? Are you putting your best work out? Or is it just getting done? Is your business growing the way you want it to? Are your health goals being met? Or are you just too busy trying to do everything yourself that you don’t have time to meal plan and exercise the way you know you should? Do you know of any successful person that does all of these things without outsourcing?

This is where you might be tempted to say something like “but they have the money for it.” That’s not true. They outsourced BEFORE they had the money. It’s those who believed their worth that got and asked for help BEFORE they succeeded or reached their goals that actually achieved what they set out to do. It’s not the other way around. Stop waiting.

So I’m gonna ask you again. Can you afford not to ask for help? What would you do with those extra 6 hours a week if you had help with cleaning, website design, an exercise or diet plan or whatever it is that you need taken off your hands so that you can focus on really expanding the possibilities?

Think bigger. Just allow it. Time is money. At the very least, I recommend starting with a good, WRITTEN, planner. I also use electronic, but a written daily planner with a to do list really helped me this year to map out my priorities. I used one by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map Planner. In it, she reminds us to cut out things and to say no. That’s all a part of this journey too.

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