Why you are frustrated with dieting

I know most of you have been there. The dieter’s high….you’re doing so well, the weight seems like it’s falling off and every time you step on the scale, you see that number go down in the right direction. Until it doesn’t. And it doesn’t again the next day either. A week passes, maybe the scale is broken? It’s not. You’ve hit a plateau. Here we go again.  And now you’re frustrated because you feel yourself going back into old patterns. It was always in the back of your mind though, even when you were most excited with this new diet. Why?

  1. Fear of regaining the weight. This is a self fulfilling prophecy. And why is it there in the first place? Likely because history has shown you over and over again that you have no reason to believe otherwise. How are you going to make this time different? Why now? We all know this quote by Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results.” So what is your different strategy?
  2. You’ve overhauled your entire lifestyle overnight. Sure, you’re motivated. I get it. But that motivation wears off quickly when you’re eating grilled chicken for the eight time this week, you’re turning down your nephew’s birthday party to avoid the ‘ninja turtle’ birthday cake stare down, or you just can’t drive past one more ‘chick fil a’ without stopping for those little nuggets of joy. Cue the yo yo effect.

So what to do? Start with a food record in its true sense. Meaning, just write down what you are eating from start to finish today and through the weekend. RESIST the urge to make changes. Record fluids, time of day you ate, and estimated amounts if you can. This objective viewpoint will give you a clear picture of what you need to change over the coming weeks that are realistic, but permanent. Sounds a bit too simple, right? It’s supposed to be. Diets just don’t work. It’s a fact. For a diet to work, you must maintain that hard earned weight loss off. If you haven’t, it doesn’t work. So why not try making small changes, one or two at at time that yield permanent results. You’re tired body will thank you.

If you haven’t heard, it’s not too late! I have a support group over on Facebook filled with amazing women just like you who have already joined the “small changes, permanent results” movement. Click here to request to be added in and then choose your one small change for the next two weeks!

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