Why go small sometimes?

I talk a lot about making small changes and small steps. That’s okay sometimes.

In my career as a Dietitian counseling hundreds of clients, it really never worked out when someone tried to drastically change their lifestyle over night. Sure, when I was new and green in the field, I tried to get people to do that. But guess what happened when they came back for their follow up appointment?

No progress. Almost always. And for those that did make progress, the “all or nothing” personality types, they usually fell off the wagon a few weeks later. It was pretty discouraging to witness. And even more discouraging for them to experience. Feel great only to go back into a cycle of defeat.

I am currently reading a book, “The Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson. You can apply the concepts in the book to just about anything in life. He talks about how we either make daily errors in judgement to failure or follow simple daily disciplines to success. In terms of our dietary habits, we go for instant gratification in our daily dietary habits because eating that cheeseburger and fries won’t likely give us a heart attack on the spot. It won’t make us gain 20 pounds, either. It’s the habitual errors in judgement we make every single day that do it. Opposite is true as well. Eating a grilled chicken salad isn’t going to make us fit and energized right away, but making that choice over the burger and fries every day for lunch WILL over time.

And what if you chose to walk for just 15 minutes today? No, you won’t lose any weight by doing it.  And your fitness level won’t change, either. But, what if you kept at it and committed to it for four times a week, every week? By this time next year, you will likely be able to walk a 5K or even more.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working from home. Something I have never done before in my ten year career as a Dietitian. Downfall of being home, within arms reach of the kitchen? Extra snacking that isn’t always healthy. So, I will leave you here with a simple, healthy recipe I made yesterday. It’s easy to make, filling, and easy to choose over the junk that might be sitting in the pantry!power bites

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