What Others Are Saying

“This group and this challenge has been a life changer for me. I have gotten rid of 66 lbs as of Saturday, but it has never been about the number on the scale for me. I can do things like buckle my seatbelt again, get off the couch without someone’s help, get out of bed without wincing in pain, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I am not the first one to tap out doing Disney, or I can stand for more than 5 minutes without being in agony. My energy levels, dropping clothing sizes or seeing the reactions of my family members as there is still leftover arm when they hug me instead of barely touching fingertips…. these are my milestones.

Update: “I’ve gotten rid of 93lbs since January 1. I have completely cut out sweets, refined wheat and rice. The pastas and refined bread has been the hardest for me. I’ve also upped my exercise. We did 8.8 miles on Saturday and 7 miles on Sunday. But I am now officially able to ride any ride in Disney now! I finally crossed off Seven Dwarves Mine Train in Magic Kingdom.”-Aimee Thornley

“I would just like to say that Jillian McMullen is AMAZING!!! I am so thankful for all of the help and advice she provides to me and all of us on top of how hard she works also! To me she is the ideal picture of what a wellness advocate should be! She’s patient, kind, unselfish, and extremely knowledgeable while she still takes great care of herself and her family! Thanks a million for everything you do!” – Lisa McCorkle

“I don’t know if you remember my goal from last fall…..I’m hoping to get you to do a happy dance with me next week! Getting an hour of exercise most days and watching what I eat have been huge, but I think this months challenge is going to give me the kickstart I needed to really make it to my goals!

Being able to say no to bread at restaurants has been huge for me. Paying more attention to what is actually in the food I’m eating has been helpful.” – Rachael Butler

“I’m down 37 pounds since December 27th. I’ve changed my eating habits to a much cleaner diet to help my body recover from autoimmune disease. I have so many people tell me I have been an inspiration to them. One morning my husband woke me up and said “thank you.” I asked what for. He said for inspiring me to lose weight!! If I can help people while bettering my life it’s worth it all!

Thank you Jillian McMullen!! You have been instrumental to my success!! I found you at the perfect time as an objective support person. You are doing great things for so many people!!”-Dana McLain

“Cutting Cokes and sweet tea has turned out to be the easiest and I thought that would be the hardest. I have lost 7 pounds. We had a Birthday celebration and I ate one taco and had the Sprite that I thought I really wanted. Disappointed in both and wished I hadn’t. I plan to continue this and hope Jillian keeps this page for us.” – Janet Johnson

“I have lost a few pounds, but I think it has just been nice to feel a bit calmer around food. I think the niceness of the folks in this group just makes me feel better. It’s kind of an intangible to try to describe it.” -Lisa Salkov

“Portion control is much better, limiting sweet food and replacing with natural sweets. Doing light walking until back is better. Down over 40lbs since beginning of the year.” -Jackie Haynes

“Listen because she knows what she’s talking about! I ate this way (yo yo dieting) for 30 years and just kept getting fatter!!! The yo-yo dieting effects on my body caused me to suffer a stroke the month after my 53 birthday. I spent 6 days in Mayo hospital and 10 days inpatient at Brooks Rehab. I was only home a month and came down with Thalamic Pain Syndrome (chronic debilitating nerve condition) which ended me up the following Summer spending 3 weeks in Mayo’s outpatient Pain Rehab. This is where I first met Jillian as she taught one of our nutrition classes. A few months later I became her patient when I decided to go through Mayo’s Bariatric Clinic and have gastric bypass surgery. Now 2 years post-op if nothing else, I’ve learned it’s all about BALANCE! Surgery was merely a tool, NOT a cure. As they warned us … it is gut surgery, not brain surgery! All the cravings come back after the first 6 months. I’m a carb addict and I have no problem admitting it. How I deal with it is I eat lean protein first and then veggies and fruits. Occasionally I’ll have a bite or two of potatoes (not fried). I choose to NOT eat pasta, rice, bread, chips, cookies, candies, etc. It’s what works for me. I find substitutions and know that I never want to suffer another stroke! Thank you Jillian as you’ll never know how much you helped change my life. ” -Joy Schaeffer