What is your purpose?

I didn’t really understand this concept until recently. Did you know there is a real difference between your passion and purpose? Chalene Johnson, fitness and self help guru, explained this in her Smart Success Academy and I want to share it with you. Why? Because it has given me a huge aha moment that I think every person looking to help others should have.

First, you will need to know what your gifts are. You can do this by taking a spiritual gifts test or even doing a personality assessment. There are many good, free ones online. I recommend using Beliefnet and 16personalities. Consider this your tool for meeting your purpose. For example, if you have the gift of teaching, it’s a tool to fulfill your purpose. So is the gift of singing. Not everyone can do this.

Second, what is your passion? This is the one component that changes throughout the seasons of life. News flash, huh? It is simply your outlet for fulfilling your purpose. Could be golfing, creating videos, podcasts, writing music, painting, you get the point.

Here is the good stuff. The thing that never changes because it is your purpose. What you were placed on this planet to do. It’s been created upon what you’ve been through and want to help others avoid through sharing your experience. It’s essentially a younger you. Maybe not physically but in experience.

In summary, your gift is the tool you use to fulfill your purpose. Your passion is the outlet you choose (which changes throughout life) to share your purpose. And your purpose is why you do what you do. It’s who you are helping walk a similar path you’ve already walked.

So what’s your purpose? Comment below. Mine is helping you fellow moms realize that you can live your dream life and you don’t have to accept a reality that success equals college then career then retirement. And that it is possible to see your kids grow up beyond just the nooks and crannies of your life. It’s possible to make your own schedule and stay home with your babies when they’re sick, go on vacation, and take a day off without asking someone else for permission. I can show other women like you that this is true for them because I’ve already realized that’s it’s true for me.

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