What is possible?

Two years ago, my life was very different. In other words, I was stuck in my crap. For lots of reasons, I chose to let my emotions rule who I was and where I was going. It brought on a lot of physical issues with it. Headaches and fatigue namely. This lead to emotional problems like feelings of hopelessness and anxiety (or likely the other way around). There was worry about the future. Is this how it’s going to always be? Several doctors told me it was. I felt a sense of something more, but I didn’t know how to get there or what it even was.

Do you feel like this sometimes? Stuck in your junk? You know you can lose the weight because you’ve done it before, been at that weight once upon time, wore those clothes in your closet at one time. You could have that job if you wanted but you’re too afraid to go for it because you aren’t comfortable in your own skin. You know you don’t have to be trapped in your own prison of worry, yet you haven’t found the key yet.

I feel ya. There are several decisions I made two years ago that got me to where I am today. Notice I said decisions. I was tired of how I felt, mostly stuck, and I started changing my habits. That pesky word, habit, again, I know. But habits get us where we are in the first place. And they are what will get us out. I knew my physical issues were strongly tied to my emotional struggles because I had already been tested for everything under the sun. Other than what I was feeling, I was the healthiest patient my doctors were going to see all day! I had to decide to stay in my crap, which at the time was staying in a job that made me feel like I was in a jail cell, or start doing something that got me out of it. I also needed to address the headaches because they were still very real. That’s why I am so passionate about natural solutions. Because I believe that the majority of our health-related concerns can be addressed by supporting our own bodies. How?  With plants and listening to ourselves. Natural, whole foods, essential oils (which are just plants), and changing our habits.

One small change at time. If you have been following me at all, then you know that’s what I believe in! Because it’s what has gotten me to where I am today. Working for myself, headache free, and out of my own crap. It was small changes, compounded one at a time over the last two years. And I will help you do the same if you allow it.

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