What does a Dietitian buy at the grocery store to eat?

I get asked this question a lot. And I will admit, it’s an annoying one. But I decided to go a head and answer it, because people wanna know. So here it is.

Let’s begin with some basic staples:

  • REAL butter. No fake stuff like margarine (what IS that stuff, anyway? ewww)
  • 1% milk. Only one person in my family drinks it. That is my 3 year old who would prefer to live on it if I let him. (I’m working on it and I never claimed to be a pediatric Dietitian, mmmmk?)
  • Boneless, skinless chicken strips because they are easy to cook with and versatile
  • 3lbs 85% lean ground turkey because it is versatile and cheaper to buy in that quantity (ground turkey breast is dry and flavorless)
  • Vanilla soy milk. Because I would flavor my coffee with more sugar than coffee if I used anything else. (no, I don’t use the unsweetened kind for my coffee, yuck. Just yuck.)
  • Extra Virgin Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil for cooking (new love, doesn’t break down like olive oil does when cooked)
  • Shredded cheese. Because it’s versatile and everything is better with cheese.
  • Sliced cheese. See above.
  • Stick cheese. See above, insert at snack time.
  • Nitrite and Nitrate free deli meat. For lunches. Emphasize the nitrate free versions. Unless you prefer to knowingly up your risk of cancer.
  • Nitrite and Nitrate free bacon.
  • Fruit snacks. See the comment about pediatric dietitian. mmmk?
  • Protein bars with <10g sugar and >10g protein for those moments when you need to eat but the threenager decided to draw on the walls with your expensive mascara and the first grader decided to fake an illness before school (true story.)
  • Eggs. Great nutritional value for any meal of the day.
  • Lollipops. Because sometimes bribery is necessary when you’re a momtreprenuer with a threenager who stays at home.
  • Plastic ware, paper plates, paper bowls. Because life is too short to be doing dishes.
  • Wine. See above.

What you DON’T see and why.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables because we have a weekly farm bag delivered straight to our doorstep. Cheaper, fresher alternative and I highly recommend it!
  • 5 sets of BOGO pasta. I’m still using up what I bought when I was suckered in last time. Lesson learned. Insert other items as they apply to you.People who stock up at discount stores eat up to 48 percent more.
  • Me going through any bulk food store. Buying in bulk = eating in  bulk. It’s a proven fact people eat more when they buy larger quantities.
  • 100 calorie pack snacks. They have zero nutritional value and I’d rather eat a real cookie.
  • A cake, pie, etc unless there is  a REASON for it (i.e. birthday, holiday).
  • Majority of the cooking spices because I prefer to cook with high quality essential oils (contact me directly if you want more information on that)
  • Gluten free products. Because no one in my household has celiac disease or known gluten intolerance. End of story.

This is not an all-inclusive list. In fact it’s a very basic list that doesn’t include what mood I’m in or budget I’m trying to follow that week. But hopefully you get the point. I shop like many other people, moms, and fellow dietitian friends.