The grapefruit diet that works!

This is one of the main causes of weight regain following successful weight loss. Body dissatisfaction. Why? Because most women have a negative view of their bodies in the first place and that doesn’t seem to change once they lose weight. A woman named Taryn Brumfitt did a study simply to find out if she was the only one that loathed the way her body looked. And she found out that she wasn’t. She also decided to work really hard and achieve close to what social standards would define as the “perfect” body. However, she realized it didn’t change a thing. Why?

I learned over the years working with people who have lost well over a hundred pounds with weight loss surgery that to their disbelief, they are the same person at 180lbs as they were at 300lbs. And the problems that led to stress eating did not disappear because they achieved their goal weight. Again, why? Because those problems had nothing to do with food or hunger to begin with. And this is where the healing begins.

I’ve provided recommendations in previous posts for how to deal with stress eating. It’s a real challenge when it comes to sustaining weight loss or even losing weight to begin with.

So I looked into essential oils because nimg_8491ot only do they have physical benefits, but they also provide emotional healing. And I found that grapefruit essential oil is the “the oil of honoring the body.” It helps one work to achieve true respect and love for their physical body. Diffusing or inhaling directly from the bottle throughout the day is best as this is how it reaches the limbic system and affects us emotionally. If you particularly struggle with emotional eating and related over-eating, adding a drop or two to each glass of water is helpful to curb appetite along with helping individuals to respect and appreciate their physical body rather than mistreat it with severe dieting behaviors and judgement.

Remember, God does not make mistakes. You were made perfectly in His image for a purpose and a story to tell. Yes, taking care of the one body you have for health purposes is the goal. But you have to stop dragging your body through the ringer to achieve a goal that will never satisfy until you can truly love who you are right now.

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Jillian McMullen, CSOWM, RDN, LDN