My love/hate relationship with being the “best mommy in the whole entire world!”

I love motherhood. I really do. Truth be told, it came easy for me. I don’t have a story of infertility or eventful pregnancies. And every Mother’s Day I feel blessed that I have two sweet boys (yes boys, not girls) that call me the “best mommy in the whole entire world.” Even on days I feel like a complete screw up.

I try to soak up every moment of it. And take advantage of the time I have with them in these sweet stages before they become “too cool” to hang out with old mom. And I try to stay on them to love each other, love others, forgive quickly, mind their manners, share, obey, and everything in between.

But I admit there are other times I’m not consistent because I’m too tired to yell for the 50th time. Should I even be yelling? I think I read somewhere that’s wrong and it sure feels ineffective right now anyway. Where’s that paddle when you need it? Maybe I’ll take the tv away. But then they’ll start annoying me because they’re bored. Who’s really getting punished in this deal? Can I send them to their rooms until tomorrow? It’s only 10 a.m. Oh the thought merry go round!

And there are266 days I don’t take advantage of the time because I’m busy with other things that seem terribly important, like the closet that needs decluttering TODAY when the boys are both home from school. They’d rather watch a movie anyway, right? And the hundreds of moments I nodded “uh huh” because I can’t muster up excitement over a Lego tower until I’ve fully finished coffee cup number two.

My favorite memories aren’t filled with moments of “breathers” and coffee breaks though. Not clean closets, neatly folded laundry, or an organized home. I do535 love that stuff and often catch myself mumbling under my breath at the older women who tell me I will one day miss the chaos. But I know they are right because my favorite memories are filled with bedtime snuggles way too late, playing mindless arcade games, tripping over toys, messy hair on carousel rides, ice cream dripping in all the wrong places, dancing like nobody’s watching, laughing at goofy jokes, sticky fingers, and swimsuits on hot Florida days.

For all the mommas of young and grown, I pray you have a blessed Mother’s Day filled with a healthy mixture of quietness and sweet chaos.


It’s not food, but I leave you w006ith something I made about a year ago that kept my little ones busy for hours and hours. It was one of those chaotic moments we all remember that has left rainbow rice in nooks and crannies of my home I didn’t know existed! (I recommend you let them play with it outside.)