It’s that time of year (again)

In 17 days a large portion of the United States population will be going on their annual diet. In roughly 37 days, at least 50% of those people will be going off of their annual diet. And so the yo-yo begins. What diet are you planning on doing this year? Really, that’s not a trick question or meant to be funny.

Is it a diet you’ve tried before? Or something your dear friend suggested? Do you have a support system this time? Or have you vowed to wear off that word, “diet” and are opting for “lifestyle change” this time because you’ve been down that road enough times to know that diets aren’t working for you.

Imagine if this time next year, your New Years resolution had NOTHING to do with weight loss? Because you stuck with it this year. And succeeded. According to the University of Scranton, 75% of resolutions will be continued through the entire first week of January, but only 46% make it past six months.

Here are 4 tips to make it permanent this time:

  1. Choose an accountability partner that has similar goals. We suck at holding ourselves accountable and make too many excuses to justify not following through on our commitments.
  2. Keep a food journal (I recommend a phone app such as myfitnesspal). When you are aware of it, you are more likely to change it.
  3. Weigh yourself at least once a week, no more than once per day. You can’t make changes when you don’t have any objective measurements. Dust it off. Pick a day and time and stick to it.
  4. Choose 2-3 glaring diet habits you know that if you changed right now, today, would make a difference in your energy levels and/or weight. Usually you already know you drink too much wine, soda or eat too many fried foods, sweets, or chips. Pick 2 or 3 you are willing to eliminate or cut back on.

Note I didn’t mention any diet names. You could choose a diet. Research has suggested when people lose rapid weight in a short amount of time, motivation remains high and thus, they are more likely to stick to their weight loss goals longer. We are creatures of instant results, and nobody wants to deny themselves their favorite foods and spend a bunch of time preplanning meals just for 2 measly pounds lost at the end of a week. That’s just a fact.

For more information on my favorite weight loss plan, go here and scroll down to the New You weight loss kit. It’s my favorite because it is made from all natural ingredients and can be used long term. Which means it not only  helps you lose weight, but also assists you in maintaining the weight once you’ve lost it. And that’s really the hardest part. Feel free to contact me to discuss more and Happy Holidays!

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