How in the world do you cook with essential oils?

This is something I just started doing about a year ago. I love it. I’ve stopped using the spice black pepper, cumin, dill, thyme, rosemary, and even cinnamon in lieu of essential oils in my dishes. I have a “spice rack” next to my stove just for my cute little oils bottles. Citrus oils are probably the easiest to start with for the beginner. If a recipe calls for lemon juice, add a drop or two of lemon oil. It’s hard to go wrong. (I’ve ruined Untitled design (3)dishes before!!)

Essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds and much more potent than their natural plant stated. For example, one drop of lemon essential oil is equivalent to the juice of thirty lemons. Say what?! (It takes me a loooong time to get through a small bottle of cinnamon oil!)

My favorite? Black pepper. It enhances the flavor of the dish I am cooking, aids healthy digestion, provides antioxidant support, and supports healthy circulation. It is also very versatile. I’ve added a few drops to vegetable greens, stir fries, and potatoes. To maximize the benefits, wait until the very end of cooking to add so that you don’t destroy the properties of the essential oil with heat.

Some oils require the “toothpick” method. This means they are extremely potent and even just one drop may be too strong for an entire dish! This includes oregano and cinnamon. You’ll be sorry if you add a drop of oregano to your olive oil dip. I’ve learned the hard way. Instead, swirl a toothpick around directly into the oil and then swirl it into your dish to flavor. That’s it. It’s that strong. I promise.

Be adventurous! Try something new! But be sure you are using pure essential oils that are safe to consume. Contact me for a recommended brand that I trust to use for myself and my family.

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