Do you need a “reboot?”

It’s spring time. That usually means spring cleaning, decluttering, deweeding, cutting fresh grass, trimming new foliage. But what about our bodies? God designed the human body to elliminate waste and toxins on a regular basis so that we don’t fill up with the “junk” we come into contact every day. When disease happens, we have big problems like fluid overload, jaundice, encephalopathy (confusion), or even death. The liver, kidney, and digestive tract are our primary organs responsible for keeping us “cleaned out” of environmental toxins such as air pollution, chemicals (such as cleaning products and synthetic fragrances), medications (prescription and OTC), and yes, an unhealthy diet.

I’m going to focus on the unhealthy diet part because, well, I’m a dietitian after all. A few weeks ago I discussed the topic of “clean eating” and while I didn’t necessarily agree that there was such a thing, I do agree that elliminating simple sugars, processed/refined foods, unhealthy fats, high fat meats, and alcohol is necessary when “spring cleaning” your body so to speak. What does this mean?

Get rid of the junk:

-Fried food

-Red meat (hamburgers, steak, ribeye, beef roast )

-High fat processed meat (hot dogs, sausage, bologna, bacon, salami, pastrami, pepperoni)

-Processed meat containing nitrites or nitrates

-Chips, crackers, cookies, cake, really any snack that comes in a box

-White breads of all kinds, biscuits, croissants

-White pasta, rice, and refined cereals

-Margarine, cream cheese, bacon fat, ham hocks (hey, I live in the south!)

-All oils except for olive oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, coconut oil

-Poultry skin

-Pork ribs, ham, pulled pork

-Ice cream, whole milk, full fat cheese, fat free cheese (it’s fake), yogurt with added sugars

-Soda, diet soda, sweet tea, fruit juice, any drink with added sugar

-Alcohol INCLUDING wine (ouch!)

I have a vitamin regimen I highly recommend alongside elliminating these foods and eating whole foods that you can picture growing in nature (there are no pizza trees, afterall) for at least 30 days. You will feel much better for it. And aren’t we worth it? We want a clean house and a clean car, but we only get one body. And that’s priceless.

May 3, I will be starting a 30 day program and I am inviting anyone with chronic health issues or who are just ready to feel better with more energy to do this with me. Contact me at for more info and a free 30 minute consultation if you would like to learn more.