Blank slate

It’s a blank slate. 2017.

Lots of possibilities. Most of us dive head first, all in, vowing never to repeat the mistakes we made the previous year. We don’t want to feel that way again, be stressed like that, be that defeated, fail that badly, or get in that argument again.

So we write a well-thought out goal list complete with affirmations about how awesome we are. Problem is for most of us, that’s where it stops. The list. We make vows and goals with dates, but no real plan that fits our lives or fits who we really are. Instead, we look at what other people are doing and think we should be doing that, too. And when it makes us miserable, we quit. And feel guilty about it.

Sound familiar? What if this time you made a goal list but instead did a little research to find out how you were going to get it done, or even if it was going to work with who you are. Losing 50lbs sounds great and going on the paleo diet is the thing everyone is doing these days. But do you have a taste for so much protein? Is your body even going to allow you to lose 50lbs in 6 months? Talk to eople who have done it. Successfully. That means they’re thriving in their new healthy lifestyle and they feel great. They’re at peace about it.

Same thing with a business goal. So you wanna make $10k a month by June 1? Talk to someone who has done it. Read their blogs, podcasts, or livestreams. There is so much information available now, there really is no excuse to not get moving on this stuff anymore. If you don’t get access to the information you need to succeed, you really don’t want it. (Just a side note.) Did these people give up their family time, leisure time, and social life to get to that level? And did they relax once they got there? Are you okay with their answer? Would you be okay if it took you longer if it meant you didn’t have to give up time with your kids to do so? Are you okay giving up MORE to do it faster?

What are you willing to go all out for to really do it this time? Ask questions, then readjust. A goal with a written step by step plan makes you pretty damn powerful.

I’m currently learning how to do this myself. I want my goals achieved yesterday. So, like most, I write my goals down and then dive head first like a little girl who just learned to swim right into the deep end. Only I’m not that great of a swimmer. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So let’s get out of the deep end and start in the shallow end this year, shall we?

Let me know in the comments what your big goal is!