Are you allowing yourself to succeed?

Do you see yourself as someone who is successful? Like, really successful? I was at a seminar yesterday, titled “Freedom to Flourish.” The speaker has had huge success in her health and financial life. Most of us want that, don’t we? To feel and look our best while having our own multi 7 figure earning business (or whatever your version of that may be.) So why don’t we?

Most of us are extremely busy holding ourselves back. The speaker mentioned when she first got started, she would see her goals on paper as something that “looked nice” and something to strive for, but not something she really saw for herself. Is that true for you? What is your “nice” thing that seems out of reach today? How are you going to make that a reality for yourself?

  1. Be open to the possibility and TRUST that God has your best and has your back in this. If others can accomplish it, why not you, too? This is going to take prayer and/or meditation on your part. Most of this is mindset. It’s a choice we can control, but when you’ve chosen for so long that something isn’t possible, it doesn’t hurt to meditate on it for a bit.
  2. What kind of energy are you putting out around you? Positive? Uplifting? Are you someone that you would want to be around? Are you someone others can’t help but to listen to or follow? Do you do things that bring you closer to your goal with intention? Or is it just the opposite? For example, if weight loss is your goal and you know driving home a certain way will bring you past a certain fast-food restaurant or coffee shop that is just too tempting for you to pass up, have you planned a different route yet? Are your thoughts aligning with your goal? Or are you constantly telling yourself you can’t do it?
  3. Finally, in order to allow yourself to succeed, you must first allow yourself to fail. The answer to what works for us isn’t always clear until we know what DOESN’T work. So ya, maybe you’ve tried a gazillion diets that didn’t work. But ya know what? You now know those won’t work for your body or lifestyle. And maybe you know a certain program didn’t work to get your business off the ground, but now it’s time to try something else. And ya, you will get rejected over and over, but I promise you won’t die. If anything the word “NO” will help you get to the answer you’re looking for faster. So don’t be afraid to go for it.  I highly recommend the book, Go for No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, if you need help in this area.
  4. Be open to what’s right in front of you. We often ignore the opportunities we have because we get so focused on where we want to go. It’s like driving the same path to work for years only to notice that one house you never saw before. It was there all along, but you’ve glazed over it focusing on the destination, so you never knew it was there. You already have the answers, look within and around you.

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  1. This has been my struggle. Every second is a choice, so I’m trying to take the next right step. I know my goals are attainable…just trying to leap over the barriers I’ve told myself for so long! Thanks!

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