A note for the FTC

Just so you are aware:

Occasionally you will see affiliate links, mostly from Amazon, where I mention products that I recommend, have tried, loved, and want you to try. However, you are never under any obligation to purchase from those links, but if you do, it will not affect how you normally purchase from Amazon nor the price you would usually pay. Difference is, I may earn a small percentage for referring you to their site.

I am a lover of essential oils. Particularly dōTERRA essential oils, which is why I decided to become a Wellness Advocate for my own health using natural options about 3 years ago. Six months later, I began educating my friends and family who then desired to do the same for themselves. As these things happened, I earned money from referral bonuses and one day, I had a business! Being the natural educator that I am, I continue to spread the message of health and that involves using essential oils along with feeding yourself and your family with healthy foods. And I sometimes make money when I do that – from my services and enrolling others with their own essential oil accounts.

What do I love the most about blogging? Your likes, comments, and shares. It’s like social currency for a blogger and helps get our message out. That’s priceless and you can’t put a monetary value on it. (FTC doesn’t care about that, but I do! And so do most bloggers!)

So there ya go, you will never be asked to purchase any of my services, essential oils, or from my affiliate links to continue viewing and gaining value from my free content here. But if you want to become involved in any of the above, that’s what I do and I will get paid.